Amherst MPR

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Technology in Room MPR

For more information about the technology click on the link.

Control Panel: Crestron-MPR (In Podium on right of monitior)

Desktop Computer: HP9300

Mouse/KB: HP Wireless Mouse and Keyboard 

Projector: Panasonic PT-FW300


Available Equipment needed to be requested

48 Hours notice is required for any available equipment and is based upon availability.
Please Request @ av-amherst

                Wireless Guest Access
                Printer Access
                Microphone/Sound System
                Document Camera

Unavailable Equipment which cannot be requested

                Power Cords
                Laptop Computers
                Laser Pointers
                Display Converters (for Mac, iPod/iPad/Camera)
                Video Recording Capabilities
                Software/Hardware installs on Medaille computers