Computer Administrative Rights Policy

Computer Administrative Rights Policy

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This document defines Medaille College’s policy regarding local administrator rights on Medaille College’s staff and faculty college-owned workstations and laptops. 
Medaille College is committed to providing its users with reliable technology in stable operating condition while appropriately addressing the college’s needs and maintaining system integrity, data security and licensed software.

Levels of Access: 

There are two security access levels to a college owned computer: General and Administrator. 
The General access level allows most administrative powers with some restrictions. Installation of software or hardware that makes changes to the underlying operating system will require the assistance of the IT Department. General Access Level will generally assure the highest level of stability for your computer. 
Administrator access level allows the client to have complete and unrestricted access to the computer. This includes the ability to install any hardware or software, edit the registry, manage the default access accounts and change file level permissions. Manipulating these may cause serious stability issues with your system and if abused, will result in the cancellation of administrator access. 
By default all Medaille College faculty and staff members are assigned General access level rights on their individual workstations and laptops. Exceptions may be granted to people that require Administrator level access to perform a specific job related task. Requests for these exceptions must be submitted in writing with the approval of the CIO. The use of these rights and the level of access to the workstation are to be in accordance with the Medaille College Acceptable Use Policy.


  • Medaille College workstations and laptops are college property and are intended for Medaille College business only.
  • Individuals will refrain from installing applications downloaded from the Internet or software not compatible with the workstation's operating system. Installation of these applications may damage files and expose Medaille’s network to virus attacks and data theft.
  • Individuals will refrain from installing unauthorized software as it may monopolize local processor power, resulting in noticeable system slowdown or degradation of performance.
  • Individuals will not install applications that may establish network share protocols which result an increase in bandwidth utilization. This prevents net congestion and degradation of performance across wide areas of the campus.
  • Individuals will refrain from downloading applications (software) that are illegal or not licensed on college owned equipment.
  • Medaille College strongly recommends and encourages individuals to utilize the IT Helpdesk to install any software that is necessary on their workstation or laptop.
  • If a program requires administrative rights to run a particular piece of software the IT Department will add permissions to specific folders on the machine so the program will run correctly.
  • Individuals will refrain from altering or removing any standard software as originally installed by IT.
  • Individuals with administrator level access must sign to acknowledge that they have read the Medaille College Acceptable Use Policy and Administrator Rights Policy. A signed copy will be kept on file in the IT department.
  • The Medaille College IT Department will not troubleshoot non-standard applications.
  • Non-standard software will be removed as part of a normal repair process if necessary to restore system functionality.
  • The Medaille College IT Department will not remotely access individuals’ workstations for troubleshooting without the individual’s approval.
  • The occurrence of repeated instances of OS integrity problems may result in the removal of administrator level access (if originally granted).