Eiki LC-XB28

Eiki LC-XB28

Panasonic projectors are controlled by the control panels on the Wall

For the amherst campus, see the Crestronim panel information.


Projector is not turning on:

  1. Make sure Panel is selected to ON
  1. If there are no red/green lights check Master Power Switch in podium.
  2. If Master Power Switch is in, Check power cord in outlet on cieling. 
  3. Contact IT amhavhelp for further Assistance
  1. Check to make sure projector has no green light.
  1. If no light on projector, check power cord and light of projector.
  2. If no response contact IT amhavhelp for further assistance.

Projector is displaying blue/black screen:

  1. Make sure Display mute is not selected
  2. Make sure Panel is selected to Desktop or Laptop
    1. Move mice and keyboard, computer may have gone to sleep.
    2. Press Windows Key and P to switch to “Duplicate”
    3. Turn off machine (pressing power button) to reboot machine.
    4. Check that all cables are connected in the Desktop/Laptop.
    5. Contact IT amhavhelp for further assistance
  3. For VCR/DVD sure Panel is selected to DVD or VCR:
    1. Stop tape to check if you see a logo.
    2. Check Cables, Turn Unit off and back on
    3. Contact IT amhavhelp