All course Student Opinion Surveys (SOS) will be completed online using the EvaluationKIT student opinion survey platform.  Faculty may add up to 3 additional questions to their student opinion surveys in their Evaluation Kit account in Bb up until the day before the SOS are distributed.  Questions need to be added to each course SOS individually.  Watch this video for directions.


Faculty members have a choice to either have students take the SOS in class during the established timeframe (instructors MUST leave the room) OR request students complete the survey outside of class during this timeframe.  The SOS may be completed from any internet connected device 
(i.e., PC, tablet, smartphone).  Please note:  Students will have access to complete the survey once it is distributed even if instructors plan time for them to complete it in class.


Faculty members are highly encouraged to review the process and their preference for completing the SOS with their students.  Faculty members should inform their students that they will:

  • Receive a pre-survey and date of opening notification emails to their Medaille email accounts from the Medaille elearning SOS Administrator notifying them of the surveys.  There will be a clickable link that takes them directly to the survey dashboard where, at the appropriate time, they will find a survey link for each course in which they are enrolled.  


  • Students will also see a pop-up notification when they log into their Blackboard (Bb) account.





Directions for Student Opinion Survey (SOS) Process:  


1. Medaille elearning SOS Administrator will send a pre-notification of the SOS dates to instructors and students ONE week before the survey distribution day.  The email will come from Medaille elearning SOS Administrator. It will be important to let students know the sender so they don’t delete the email thinking its junk email.

2.    Another email with the SOS link will be sent to the students  and instructors on the day the surveys open. Students may also access their course SOS from the links in Blackboard (Bb).  There is a pop-up panel that will appear when students log onto Bb.  They will have a link, at the appropriate time, for each course in which they are enrolled.  Students will be able to complete the SOS at that time by clicking on the Go To Survey button or complete it later by clicking on the Do It Later button.

When coming back to complete the SOS at a later time, if students do not have the pop-up message, they can access the links by clicking on the My Medaille tab at the top of the page after logging onto Blackboard (Bb) or by clicking on the link on the Bb dashboard under the Medaille elearning SOS Evaluation section.  It is in the right column on the page.

3.  Students can begin completing the SOS and decide to finish later by clicking on the
Come Back Later button at the end of the survey.  Their answers will be saved and available when they return to the survey.  When completed, they click the Submit button. 

4.  Instructors will notice a Response Rate Tracker.  This will show the progress of student SOS submissions during the distribution timeframe.  By monitoring this, instructors can encourage students to complete the SOS in class, by announcement, email, etc.  The more you encourage students to complete the surveys, the better results you are likely to receive because the students will know that you value their feedback.

You will find the Response Rate Tracker by clicking on the My Medaille Institution tab in Bb.  It will be on the right side of the page.  View this brief instructor video tutorial of the process.

5.    Approximately TWO WEEKS after final grades are due, instructors will have digital access to SOS results in EvaluationKIT by logging onto their instructor Bb accounts and clicking on the access link under the Medaille elearning SOS Evaluations heading (see above screenshots).  The Office of Academic Affairs, Department Chairs, and Department Administrative Assistants will have access at the same time. 

Paper copies of SOS are no longer printed and distributed to instructors, Department Chairs, Program Directors, or the VPAA’s Office.  Instructors will be responsible for saving and/or printing copies of the SOS for their files.  Promotion and Tenure Committee members will have access to the SOS, when faculty members up for review.     

6.     Faculty members are permitted at any time to provide commentary or other written response to the student opinion surveys addressed to the VPAA (see Paragraph of the Faculty Handbook/Volume IV of the Medaille College Policy Manual).

If faculty members or their students have any questions about the EvaluationKIT SOS process, please contact (elearning@medaille.edu).

EvaluationKIT Files:

Administrator directions

Instructor directions