GyroPro Information

Gyro Mouse and Keyboard Pro

Gyro mice and keyboard have an extended range of 100ft for use. If you hold in the trigger button you can move the mouse in "4D" for  controls.

Sync Instrcutions

If mouse of keyboard and unresponsive:

1) Click on the sync button located in the computer. Note: for HP6200, it is located in the cabinet in the front.

2) Click on the connect button located in the mouse or keyboard.

3) Move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard  to confirm. 
if it is connected you should see a blue light on the top of the mouse or keyboard light up, if not the units need to be charged.


Charging and Replacement Batteries:

Gyro mice must be docked in the station to retain a charge
Gyro keyboards require 2 AAA batteries.

The slot for the keyboard is located on the back right of the keyboard.