User Accounts Policy

User Accounts Policy

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Network Accounts

Accounts on the Medaille College network are provided for all current faculty and staff. Accounts are created by the Human Resources Department at the time of employment.  Faculty and Staff credentials are entered into Banner and the following day will be ready for account “pickup” using our CAMS system ( After the user picks up their account in CAMS they will be activated in MedailleOne and Blackboard and they will be granted E-mail, File Server access and wireless access in our Active Directory domain approximately 24 hours after account pickup.  Faculty and staff are not required to change their passwords but it is strongly recommended that they change them every six months at the very least. Passwords should be a minimum of seven characters long, should have a minimum of 5 unique characters from one generation to the next, and should not be reused for a minimum of eight generations.

Student accounts are provided for all current students after they are registered and confirmed by the Medaille College Admissions Department.  Students will pick up their accounts through our CAMS system ( and will be ready for use approximately 24 hours after account pickup. After their account is fully activated students will be given access to MedailleOne, Blackboard, student e-mail, public access computers, the student file server and wireless systems on campus.  Students should remember that it is their responsibility to back up their files that reside on the Medaille Student file server onto mobile media because we do not backup or guarantee their data on the student file server. Students are strongly encouraged, but not forced to, change their passwords every semester.  Complex passwords are strongly recommended to prevent unauthorized use of a student’s account.  More information on our CAMS system can be found here:



Email Accounts

Faculty and Staff 

Email accounts in the domain are provided for all current faculty and staff. The college uses Microsoft Exchange for email service and each account will include an inbox, personal calendar, public folder access (if required), and private contacts list. These folders exist on the mail server and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Since Active Directory is used for authentication to both the Medaille domain and College Email, the network account password policy also applies to email accounts. Account limits are set on email storage quotas and warning messages are generated if individual accounts are approaching the storage limits. 

Only full time faculty and staff are provided with one email profile on a specific machine. Access to email from any other computer at the College will be via the OWA (Outlook Web Access). As a convenience, we install this profile on full time systems. 

Adjunct faculty and part time staff will access their email using the Outlook Web Access (OWA) client. 



E-Mail accounts for current students are created automatically by trigger events in the Banner database and are picked up in CAMS. These accounts remain active while students have active accounts in MedailleOne. These accounts are considered the only official email account for any student and all college communication will be transacted using a student’s college account not private accounts in any other domain. This does not prevent any student from forwarding their email from the college account to a private account. It is every student’s responsibility to review and maintain their college account for important notices.



Blackboard Accounts

The Banner SIS has an auto-provisioning feature that creates accounts based on role triggers in the Banner database. When a person is assigned as an instructor to a course they are automatically assigned a role of FACULTY and information to create their Blackboard account is sent to the Banner database to create the account. Likewise when a person is registered in any semester a role of STUDENT is assigned in a similar process to create a Blackboard account.  Accounts are driven by roles within the Banner database and individuals have perpetual access to that information. Blackboard accounts never expire.



Banner Accounts

Individual user accounts for accessing data in the Banner database are issued after receipt of a completed, access request form, signed by the supervisor and all appropriate Data Owners. Banner accounts are granted on a need to know basis and access levels must be determined by individual position descriptions and job function. 

Banner account passwords are valid for 90 days. At the end of the 90 day period, users will be notified upon sign on that they must change their Banner password. Banner password guidelines are strictly enforced.



Account Termination

Faculty and Staff

All college Faculty and Staff accounts are immediately disabled when employees terminate. The College does not provide email, Banner or network access to any former employees.  

Faculty or staff members that are an adjunct professor teaching classes at Medaille will have their account security profile modified for an adjunct faculty role.

Faculty and staff members who are current students will have their faculty/staff account removed and a new student account created so they can continue in their classes.



Student Active Directory Accounts remain active for three months after the person graduates from Medaille College.  The Active Directory account, profile directory and all data on file servers will be removed at this time.  Student e-mail and MedailleOne accounts will be terminated six months after graduation. 



Annual Student Account Maintenance

All student profiles will be deleted and recreated with a clean profile on a yearly basis.  The Medaille College IT Department will give at least 2 weeks’ notice when the maintenance is going to take place.  The student’s profile includes their FAVORITES and DESKTOP items.  Please be sure to backup any items such as these to external storage before the yearly maintenance window.  The maintenance window will take place during a summer month.