Requesting Audio-Visual (AV) Assistance - Buffalo campus

Buffalo AV Request Form

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The IT department provides setup and consultation services for audio-visual equipment to faculty and staff on the Buffalo campus.

The preferred method for requesting AV setups, including Lecture Hall microphones, the portable PA system, projectors or a laptop, is via the online Buffalo AV Request Form available here.

Complete the online form at least five days in advance of your event, preferably sooner. Provide any relevant details in the 'Other" section.

Once your request is added to our Calendar you will receive a confirmation email from a member of the IT staff. If you do not receive a confirmation at least two days before your event please call the IT HelpDesk at 880-2282 and leave a message requesting confirmation.

An alternative method to request assistance is to send an email to describing your needs. You should only use this method if the online form is not adequate for describing your request. If you must use the email request please:

  • Do not list multiple recipients or add cc recipients;
  • Do not submit reminder emails or work orders.

AV requests from students, student groups or outside groups will not be honored. Such requests must be submitted by a supervising faculty or staff member. The supervising party must be present to take possesion of and be responsible for the equipment. Equiment will not be provided if unsupervised. 

* Note: Laptops are not available for general use; they are only available for A-V presentations.