Banner keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate through Banner versions 8 and 9. Bold entries indicate actions with keyboard combinations that are new or updated in Banner 9.

Action Banner 8 Banner 9
Cancel Page, Close Current Page, or Cancel Search/Query (in Query mode) CTRL+Q CTRL+Q
Change MEP Context Not applicable ALT+SHIFT+C
Choose/Submit ENTER ENTER
Clear All in Section SHIFT+F5 SHIFT+F5
Clear One Record SHIFT+F4 SHIFT+F4
Clear Page or Start Over SHIFT+F7 F5
Count Query SHIFT+F2 SHIFT+F2
Delete Record SHIFT+F6 SHIFT+F6
Down/Next Record Down Arrow Down Arrow
Duplicate Item F3 F3
Duplicate Selected Record F4 F4
Execute Filter Query F8 F8
Expand/Collapse Drop-down Field Click field ALT+Down Arrow
Export Extract Data with Key or Extract Data no Key SHIFT+F1
First Page Not applicable CTRL+Home
Insert/Create Record F6 F6
Last Page Not applicable CTRL+End
List of Values F9 F9
More Information ALT+H CTRL+SHIFT+U
Next Field or Item TAB TAB
Next Page Down Page Down Page Down
Next Section CTRL+Page Down ALT+Page Down
Action Banner 8 Banner 9
Open Menu Directly F5 CTRL+M
Open Related Men Not applicable ALT+SHIFT+R
Open Tools Menu Not applicable ALT+SHIFT+T
Page Tab 1 Not applicable CTRL+SHIFT+1
Page Tab 2   CTRL+SHIFT+2
and so on   and so on
Previous Field or Item SHIFT + TAB SHIFT + TAB
Previous Page Up Page Up Page Up
Previous Section CTRL+Page Up ALT+Page Up
Refresh or Rollback SHIFT+F7 F5
Save F10 F10
Search or Open Filter Query F7 F7
Select on a Called Page SHIFT+F3 ALT+S
Toggle Multi/Single Records View Not applicable CTRL+G
Up/Previous record Up Arrow Up Arrow
Toggle Accessibility mode ON/OFF for current session Not applicable CTRL+B
Release Workflow Icon or Menu ALT+Q
Submit Workflow Icon or Menu ALT+W
Banner Document Management (BDM)  
Add BDM Documents Icon or Menu ALT+A
Retrieve BDM Documents Icon or Menu ALT+R
Application Navigator    
App Nav - Access Help

Banner 9 keyboard shortcuts for Application Navigator will work in Banner 8 if you are running Banner 8 with Application Navigator and have applied the keyboard shortcut configuration settings.

App Nav - Access Menu   CTRL+M
App Nav - Display recently opened items CTRL+Y
App Nav - Search CTRL+SHIFT+Y
App Nav - Sign out CTRL+SHIFT+F