Blackboard – Make your Course Available


Video Here

  1. Note your course is available to students on the Start Date in Banner and ends on the End Date in Banner
  2. To change the date listed for students and enter your course you wish to change.
  3. In your course Under Course Management
  4. Click “Customization” and select “Properties”.


5. You have two options you can set.

For 2 – Set Availability

  1. Turn Course On “Yes” or Off “No”
    Note: Duration Overrates "Yes" Availabiltiy

For 3 – Set Course Duration


  1. Continuous “Always Available”
  2. Select Dates (Change Dates to when you want the course to “Open and Close”
    Note: This is the Default
  3. Use Term Duration – Uses dates from Term

  1. Click Submit and the Course Will be set to your settings.