Blackboard FAQ

What is Blackboard?
is a Learning Management System where you can interact with students on your own website.
You are required as an instructor to upload your syllabus, contact information and emergency response information.

What is the location of Blackboard?
The new site will be

Why is BbVista being replaced?
BbVista will no longer be supported; we update our LMS every 2-3 years. The upgrade this year is quite different.

Does Medaille Use Blackboard for Online Programs (HIS,HLS,HIA) and for Take 5 Courses?
MedailleOnline has a seperate site, the site is

Will my courses be transferred from Spring 2012 and Fall 2011?
Any course which starts after 8/1/2011 will not appear in Blackboard. You can request for a class to be copied into Blackboard however, no student data will come with it.

When will BbVista be shut down?
The server will remain up, but not accessible to students. 
SAGE classes may be running until 10/1/2012.
12/1/2012 Faculty access will be removed.

Can I run a class in Blackboard before 8/1/2011? Can I run a class in BbVista after 8/1/2011?
Only classes that begin before 8/1/2011 will be allowed to run in BbVista.
Only classes that begin after can run in Blackboard.

When will I have access? When can I start building my classes for fall?
All faculty will have access NOW, fall classes will populate 8/1
You can request a course be built now for fall.

What info do students need?
Students will be notified in May with the proper info. You do not need to notify them.

Blackboard Conversion Schedule