Blackboard - Assignment - Grade

How to grade an assignment in Blackboard.
1. Under Course Management, Click Grade Center, then Needs Grading

  1. You can click on “Grade All” to grade all assignment or to grade one assignment, click on the down arrow , next to the assignment title.

Grade all users Grades all submissions with student names,
Grade anonymously omits student name.

  1. You will see the following options when you grade an assignment, you can markup the submission or download the attachment and re-attach the corrected assignment.
    NOTE: Only Word,PDF and some Excel and Powerpoint files will display. If the file is too large or has an error you will need to download the file to grade.


  1. To view student submissions after, go to “Full Grade Center”, click “Assignments”

Click on the down arrow next to the grade or assignment title to view attempt(s).

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