Blackboard FAQ

When can I access my class in Blackboard?
For information on logging in click -


When can I give access to my students in Blackboard?
To learn how to make your course active click here.


What to do if Students cannot see their course listed in blackboard?
Please have them verify they are enrolled in the correct course by going to MedailleOne.
Instructions for doing this are listed @


What If a student is enrolled in the course in Blackboard and but they cannot see data:
Students will not see their courses listed in Blackboard until the banner start date.

The instructor needs to give them further directions on what materials they need to access.
Some instructors may not use blackboard, therefore there may not be data to see.

If you are the instructor and want to verify your students can see your course data,
please use your test student account to see your course as a student.
Instructions @


What happens when a student is Drops or Withdrawals from a course?
Student’s access is disabled, and grades are disabled/hidden from the instructor.
It will not be transferred across sections to the other instructor.

If a faculty member, or a course is missing in Blackboard:
Please follow the instructions @


When will I have access? When can I start building my classes for fall?
You will have access when you are enrolled in a class in Banner.


Can I use Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 for blackboard?
Please follow the instructions @