Blackboard - IM - Sign Up

Blackboard IM is used for online classes for you to chat with your instructor, you must download and install the blackboardIM client.

Procedure for Blackboard IM (Former users see below) 

1. Log into Blackboard
2. Enter your course in my courses.
3. Click the Tools content area

4. Click Blackboard IM * if you are a previous Medailleonline student go to step 5a below.

5. You will see an account registration form, fill out this form
6. Click on the appropriate OS and download and install the BbIM client.
7. Login to BlackboardIM

For MedailleOnline former users ONLY!

5a. Click the orange link: "Already have a Blackboard IM account? Link it!
6a. Enter your current BBIM account credentials

7a. your BBIM account should now be linked to your Blackboard account