Blackboard Instructor Videos

Resources to assist you with this transition: 

  1. Participant/Student BbC Web-conferencing Tool:
  2. Tips for Working in your Bb Course:
  3. Creating Discussion Boards:
  4. BbC Web-Conferencing Tool Introduction:
  5. Tips for Joining the BbC Web-Coferencing Classroom:
  6. Creating an Instructor Welcome Video:
  7. Creating Flipping Videos with Screencast-o-Matic:
  8. How to Use Screencast-o-Matic for Video:
  9. Creating a Test & Options:
  10. Creating an Assignment in Your Bb Courses:
  11. Grading Assignments:
  12. Creating & Grading Discussion Threads:
  13. Creating an Assignment and Scoring Rubri:
  14. Setting Course Availability Dates:
  15. Editing Contact Information & Attaching a Syllabus:
  16. Grade Center Tips:
  17. Creating Active Weblinks in the Textbox Editor:
  18. Adding Images to the Textbox Editor:
  19. On Demand Instructor Tutorials
  20. Make your Course Available to Students
  21. Create a Course Tool Link & Making Tools Available to Students
  22. Create a Discussion Forum
  23. Using the Performance Dashboard/ Reporting Tools
  24. Grading Students Anonymously
  25. Grading Items using Grade Center
  26. associating Rubrics 
  27. Grading with Rubrics
  28. Color Coding the Grade Center (color coding options)
  29. Adding/using Wikis
  30. How to replace documents 
  31. How to Edit a Video in Kaltura
  32. How to make a Turn it in Direct assignment 
  33. How to change a DQ to Graded from ungraded
  34. How to setup Respondus 
  35. How to use Pools to create large test
  36. Test Generator How to import test questions from document


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