Blackboard - Missing Courses - Students

Students: Has your course started yet? Classes do not appear in Blackboard until your course starts.

If you are missing your course in Blackboard or to check start dates.

  1. Log into Medaille One
  2. Click on the Students Tab
  3. Click on Student Detail Schedule
  4. Click on the Current Semester and Click Ok
  5. Verify your student registration. Write (or Copy) your CRN and Registration Status

  6. Note your "Date Range" of your course is when you can see your course, contact your instructor for access outside of those dates.
  7. I want to unhide a course from this list. If this does not work and you see your course in MedailleOne follow step 8.
  8. Click Here and enter the CRN, Registration Status, Dates and Username to request to be registered.