Blackboard - SP11 Updates

Viewing Assignment Submissions Have Changed

Faculty: To view the new instructions for grading assignments, click here.
Students: To view the new submission screens, click here.

Attachments for the assignment should not contain non alpha-numeric (a-z,0-9) characters. This will cause a problem with submission/downloads of files.

Group Problems
You may notice that you can no longer submit your team problems in your weekly module, this is because our Blackboard software has been changed.

In order to submit your team assignment, click on Groups from the Contents on the left side of your screen. 
Select your Learning Team. 
Click on the Weekly Team Problem you would like to submit from the list under Group Assignments toward the bottom of the page, attach the file, and submit. 

Faculty: You cannot reset group submissions. You need to open a second attempt for students to resubmit an assignment.

Discussion Boards.
This update has also added many new features that you may see in your upcoming courses, and a new My Places dashboard.

There is an issue with discussion boards when pasting text from Word or from another webpage if you do use this, we ask that you turn the HTML editor off.

My Grades
My Grades now orders your graded items by Graded, Submitted, and Upcoming
Assignments View Has Changed

Faculty: To view the new screen for grading assignments, click here.
Students: To view the new submission screen, click here.


Discussion Board Posts
There is a new format for discussion board posting, please note the reply button is now underneath the post.

To help with this transition, you can always contact our 24/7 support to help you with Blackboard questions. They can be reached at the website: