SP14 Updates

Medaille College will go to Blackboard SP14 on 12/22/2014.

The appearance and use of Blackboard will not change however there are new features for Faculty and Students that will be added.

Upcoming Features Videos:
Click on start prezi, then the arrows for more info. Click on the Play button if you want to view a video about the update.

AchievementsInstructors now can create course based achievements for students.
Date ManagementInstructors can now adjust all dates together in one spot, rather one by one.
My GradesStudents can change the look of the grade book and students can sort by “Graded”, “Submitted”, etc.
Groups Management New options for groups in blackboard.
Test Options - Instructors can customize tests options to one student.
Xplor - Instructors can share or use content from any other instructor.

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