Student Computers

Do I need a computer?

While Medaille does not have an overall computer requirement; some programs, including our Adult and Graduate programs, do require students to own a laptop. Additionally, some Medaille classes have a specific computer requirement. You will need to check with your instructor to determine their requirements. Students often find that a personal laptop best suits their needs in terms of portability, access and success on campus. All of the campus is covered by wireless access.

If you need access to public computing on campus, you can visit our computer labs - campuscomputing to find locations and hours open.

Do I need to buy a New Computer or can I use my old one?

Almost any new laptop or laptop purchased in the last 2 years will meet Medaille class and program requirements. Certain netbooks or tablets may not however.
We have noted the minimum laptop requirements below, to guide you to review your current machine or to purchase a new one.


Hardware Minimum Recommended

Windows 7

MacOS 10.6,10.7,10.8,10.9

Windows 7
Processor Dual Core 2Ghz or faster Processor Intel "i" series processor (i3, i5)
Hard Drive 40GB 120GB+
Office 2016 2010
Network Card
Wireless B/G/N

Other options you may need/want to consider:

  • A 3-year warranty covering parts + on-site labor (next business day)
  • USB memory stick or USB backup hard drive
  • High speed internet service (cable modem or DSL)

Specs are based on the requirements for 2013 classes.

*RT Surface tablets are not supported

Buying an Apple laptop/iPad?

If you are considering buying an Apple laptop, be advised that there may be software required by faculty for instruction that will not run on the Apple platform.

Microsoft Office for Mac - ms-office-mac also has some differences that may cause issues for you.

Office: Word Excel and PowerPoint are available but with limitations

Students can enable Windows software to run on an Apple iBook (not iPads).
These require the purchase of a Windows OS in addition to any other required Windows-based software packages.

Option #1: Use Apple’s built-in program, Boot Camp, to run Windows.

Medaille College does not provide support for Boot Camp or any windows software to students.

Student Computer Support

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure his/her laptop is functioning properly and is able to connect to the wireless network.
Medaille College does not provide Technicial support for computer hardware or software issues on students personal machines.
If you need assistance with setting up your wireless or downloading software, you can contact us as helpdesk