How do I enter my grades?

  1. Go to MedailleOne
  2. Click on the Faculty Services Tab
  3. Click on Final Grades
  4. Select your term for your course, then select your course.

    Note if you need to change the term of the course select "Faculty Services" Tab to change.
    your term is the first number of your CRN (1=fall, 2=spring, 3=summer)

  5. Enter in your student grades and press submit.

    a. you have 30 minutes to submit all grades or your connection is lost.
    b. grades must be turned in 48 hours after a course is finished.
    c. For "F" grades a "Last Attended Date" must be put in.
    d. "Rolled" column means viewable to student.
    e. Adult & Graduate Faculty are required to submit other materials to administration.

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