Can I use Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 for blackboard?


For student using windows 8 See Directions below:
Students using Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 must use the Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8 “Classic/Desktop” application only
Microsoft has installed two very different apps named Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.  
windows 8
“Metro” Interface
windows 8 desktop
“Classic/Desktop” Interface
Windows 8 “Metro” Internet Explorer 10 is a different app from Windows 8 “Desktop” Internet Explorer 10 application.  
It looks different and treats Flash, Java and very differently. 
With a very few, very simple, changes to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 “Desktop” UI,  make the “Desktop UI Internet Explorer 10” application and the default browser.
The following steps will need to be followed and set up one time and never need to be touched again as long as you never change any Internet Explorer 10 application or allow a program to change IE10 configuration. 
When in the Windows 8 “Metro” Interface.  
DO NOT click on the Internet Explorer 10 app shown in Graphic #1.
Graphic #1
windows 8 start
On the keyboard kit the Windows Key. This takes you to the Windows 8 “Desktop/Classic” UI.
Open Internet Explorer 10, by clicking on the Desktop Icon
IE 10
To Default the “Metro Tile” to go to the “Classic Browser”
Click on Tools then click on Internet options. (Graphic #2)
Graphic #2
graphic #2
In Internet Options, click the Programs tab 
Click the dropdown menu  for "Choose how you open links" 
Select "Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop".
Put a check in the checkbox "Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop".
Graphic #3 
graphic #3
Click Apply then click OK.
This will default internet explorer on the “Metro” Interface to use the desktop browser.


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