How do I avoid viruses and malware while using Facebook?

For several months now, Facebook has become a target for viruses and malware that can harm your computer system or steal your information. There are several ways in which people are usually tricked into receiving these malicious files. Here are some recent ones:

1)      Fake Friend request.  – If you don’t recognize the person, please DO NOT click on the link.

2)      Request to view video of yourself – if you know you haven’t been captured on video by family or friends, DO NOT click on that link.

3)      Password Reset Confirmation E-Mail - Since you have already logged into your account, know your password was not reset.  Do not open the e-mail! Delete it!

As you become more aware of these, if will help you keep your system and personal information safe from viruses and malware.

The effect of these malicious files can and will harm your computer probably making it unusable.  Other malicious files called “Trojan Dropper” can continuously infect your system each time you turn your computer on. If you are infected with these types of malware files, while connected to the internet, the possibilities are very high for these files to keep downloading garbage, affecting your system and possibly other computers on the Medaille network.

Please keep your system up to date with your antivirus and antispyware programs. This does not just pertain to Facebook, these can also be from regular e-mail account or other social network account you might have such as MySpace.

Programs that are safe to use to help you keep your computer system clean: (biweekly recommended)

Malwarebyes:  (Install & Update – Run Full Scan – Remove anything found – Empty Quarantine)
Spybot Search & Destroy: (Install & Update – Run Full Scan – Remove anything found)
Adaware: (Install & Update – Run Full Scan – Remove anything found)
Super Antispyware: (Install & Update – Run Full Scan – Remove anything found)
CCleaner: (Install – uncheck recent document or recent typed URL – RUN Cleaner)
Symantec or other Antivirus program: (Update – Full Scan – Remove anything found, Empty Quarantine if necessary)
Windows Updates and Mac OS Updates: Check for Updates BIWEEKLY or have it setup for Automatic.


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