How do I clean my PC?

Software: 1 - CCleaner
                 2 - Malwarebytes
                3 - Symantec EndPoint

These first two programs can be downloaded from (do search on top right if needed)

It’s best to first start with Cleaner,
since it remove most temporary files.
 recent documents for easy access of
 your documents)


On the program, select Run Cleaner .

(this will remove all temporary files from options selected on left)




Click on Registry on the left then
Click Scan for Issues
Click Fix Selected Issues (once its 100%)

  - when prompted to backup registry select YES if you have programs like PhotoShop, otherwise select no.


Click Fix All Selected Issues
Click OK and close the program.


(Make sure the program has the latest update definitions – click on updates TAB and click Check for Updates)

Under Scanner Tab: Select: Perform Full Scan then click Scan.
Once scan is finished, click on bottom right (Show Results) and DELETE anything found.
- If prompted to restart to remove any infections, please do so. After    reboot, return to Malwarebytes and click Deleted all files under Quarantine tab.
Exit program.


Symantec EndPoint

Select Scan for Threats
 - if finds any infections, remove risk now

Select View quarantine

-          If any infections quarantine, DELETE all of the files (NO exceptions)




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