How do I remove Spyware?

To Remove Spyware & Viruses

  1. Start on Safe Mode (if you have fast connection – DSL, CABLE, etc...) choose Safe Mode with Networking.
    - To Start on safe mode: Press F8 when pc is booting.
  1. Click on: Start – Run and type: MSConfig – stop familiar programs that do not need to start and bad programs too
  1. Go to Run – type:  %temp% and remove all files that appear in the window, then empty recycle bin.
  1. If you don’t have any AntiSpyware software, install them: Adaware – Spybot – Malwarebytes orSpybot Search and Destroy. 
    - Updates and run each program and remove everything that it finds.
  1. Delete all Internet Files (cookies): - download and install CCleaner to do so or manually, follow these steps:

-          Go to: Internet Options under Control Panel

-          Under Browsing History select: Settings – View Files Deletes ALL files!

-          Set Disk Space to use to 50 or 100 MB, under Browsing History Settings

-          Under Advanced Tab: check box: Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed

  1. You can double check your scan with Panda Security Active Scan 2– Mariposa  and scan (this will find more vulnerabilities in your pc) – but there will need to be removed manually
  2. Go to and do a scan and remove everything it finds
  3. Download and install Hijackthis – remove anything unfamiliar to you that are bad for the pc – Toolbars, etc.
  1. Go back in Normal mode – update and run preferred AntiSpyware program
  1. Double check your work with Antivirus on your computer: update it first!
  1. Do All Updates for Windows from Microsoft Website



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