PHSTATS2 HELP Compile error in hidden module

Most of the answers to installation issues can be found in the ‘readme’ file #7 on the installation disc and below.
7. Troubleshooting tips for PHStat.
If you encounter a “Compile error in hidden module” dialog box message, 
your version of Microsoft Excel has not been properly updated. 
Uninstall PHStat and follow the instructions for updating your copy of 
Excel that are given in section 1 of this document.
If you encounter other problems when first attempting to use PHStat, 
make sure the Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak-VBA add-ins are 
installed and activated as discussed in sections 2 and 3 above. 
Generally, PHStat expects values for a variable to be placed in a 
single column, although many procedures are capable of processing row-
wise values as well. If you get unexpected results with your row-wise 
data, rearrange your data into columns.
Regularly check the Prentice Hall web site for your textbook for the 
latest information about and updates to the Prentice Hall PHStat add-in 
Always remember that Microsoft Excel with PHStat is best used as a tool 
for learning statistics and not as an all-purpose substitute for using 
a standard statistical package in all situations. Very large data sets 
or data sets with unusual statistical properties can cause Excel with 
PHStat to produce invalid results.


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