Filter my email to specific folders Off or On Campus thru Outlook Webmail

Login thru the Medaille home page in Internet Explorer. Then go to the Faculty/Staff Email link at the bottom of the page. (

Be sure to use your login in the form of an email.  Example:

Right click on your mailbox and click New Folder

Name the folder and click okay.

Then at the lower left there is a button (or link) that says ‘Go To Rules’, click on that.

Click the button for ‘New Rule’

Name the new rule for the mail you want to filter.

Then click the circle that says “Move it to specified folder”

Click the ‘specified folder’ link and select the folder you created earlier.

Click the ‘Save and close button at the top left.

Then click ‘Save and close again on the rules page.

This will take you back to your inbox, and your mail will be filtered.


  • Microsoft Outlook