Filter my email to specific folders On campus thru Outlook Program

To set up an email filter that can filter the emails from a certain user out of your inbox and into your specific mail folder automatically you need to do the following:

Right click on your mailbox and click New Folder

Name the folder and click okay.

Then while at Medaille, in Outlook, right click on one
of the emails in your inbox that you want to send to that folder.

Select create rule. A new window will pop-up.

Check the box where the from... it should sat the person name that you want to filter

After that check the box at the bottom to where to send it to and Select
the folder you created earlier

After that, a new window will come up. Make sure you check the
box so it checks your inbox after you click OK.  It will remove them from
your inbox and do it automatically in the future.


  • Microsoft Outlook