On Campus Blackboard issues

Problem Opening Microsoft Files

If you are having a problem opening course documents in Blackboard, follow these instructions.

1.) Click on the document link:

                eg:  http://it.medaille.edu/sites/default/files/images/file%20link%20in%20Bb.JPG


2.) Select Save in the pop-up window.             Do Not Select OPEN! 

3.) Close the pop-up window after the download complete. Again, Do Not Select OPEN.


4.) Open the Office application, Word or PowerPoint, and choose File > Open > Downloads folder and select your Document from your Downloads Folder. 

If your Microsoft Office application fails to start you should log off the computer and log back on.  This will clear temporary processes that are blocking the application.  As an alternative, you could start Task Manager (via R-click of Taskbar), open the Processes tab, select any POWERPNT.EXE*32 or WINWORD.EXE*32 items and click End Process. Caution must be used when utilizing Task Manager.