The OWA window

The OWA window looks and feels very similar to the Outlook desktop application.

Following is a brief description of each component.

  1. Navigation Breadcrumbs:  used to navigate between different Outlook components.
  2. Outlook Web App Toolbar:  designed for quick, menu-driven commands such as composing, organizing and filtering of mail, events, tasks or contacts.
  3. Reading Pane:  shows a reading view of the message selected.
  4. View Pane:  displays a list of inbox messages.
  5. Navigation Pane:  comprises a list of the components that make up the OWA:
  • Inbox:  the main e-mail area where you can read, compose, receive, and send e-mail.
  • Calendar:  the scheduler/planner where you can create and manage appointments and tasks.
  • Contacts:  the contact list where you can store and manage names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other information about your contacts.
  • Tasks:  the tasks list where you can create, sort, prioritize, and track tasks, as well as assign tasks to others.
  • Public Folders:  the shared information area where you can share files and post information for others in your workgroup or organization to view

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