Calendars in OWA (Outlook Web App)

OWA Calendar

The calendar in OWA is similar to the calendar in Outlook 2010 desktop application.

Customize OWA Calendar View

OWA has four views you can use to display your schedule and appointments:

  • Day View – Displays a single day’s appointments by the hour.
  • Work Week View – Displays appointments in a 5 day format: Monday through Friday.
  • Week View – Displays appointments for the entire week: Sunday through Saturday.
  • Month View – Displays appointments for the entire month.

Adding an Appointment

  1. Click New on the Calendar Toolbar.
  2. Click Appointment in the drop down menu
    Double click on the date of the appointment on the calendar.
  3. In the Appointment window:
    1. Type a subject for the appointment.
    2. Type a location.
    3. Select a start and end time/date.
    4. Turn reminder on/off and select how far in advance of the appointment it triggers.
    5. Add more details in the body section of the window.
    6. Click Save and Close.
  4. The appointment is now visible in your calendar.

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