Conversations in OWA (Outlook Web App)

You can now view conversations in OWA the same way you can in Outlook desktop application.  Messages that are part of a conversation are grouped together in threads.  This makes it easier to keep up with all the information in the conversation without searching for previous messages.  When a thread is updated with a new email messages the entire thread is placed in chronologial order based on the date and time of the newest message.  If you do not like conversation view you can turn it off by clicking on View, then  un-check Use Conversations.

*Conversation view is turned on by default when you login to the Outlook Web App for the first time.

Toggling Messages

  1. Click the right arrow adjacent to the Subject Heading in the Message View
  2. The list of messages that have the same subject heading will appear in chronological order below the message
  3. Click the arrow again to collapse the message view. Messages will now collapse and appear hidden with just the Subject

*Warning: If you delete the Subject Heading of the message, all messages related to that Subject Heading will be subsequently deleted.

Disabling Conversation View

  1. To disable the conversation view, click the dropdown arrow of the View command from the Message Menu Bar. A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Under the Group by Conversations component, uncheck the Use Conversations option.
  3. The message list in the View Pane  will return to a single chronological view. 


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