The Use of Panopto On-Ground Classroom Recordings


Effective for the Fall 2020 semester:


For each course scheduled to meet on-ground at the Buffalo or Rochester campus, Panopto will live stream and record the classroom session directly to the cloud. Students and Faculty will be able to access Panopto from within each Blackboard course.


A link for Panopto will be on the course menu in Blackboard for every on-ground course being recorded starting in the fall 2020 semester. Panopto accounts will have a folder each course a user is enrolled in and students maintain access for as long as the instructor keeps the course available in Blackboard. All videos need to be kept for the semester, at a minimum.  Videos in Panopto will stay active for two years, after two years from the last view the videos will be stored for two more years of non-viewing and then deleted. A view of the video immediately resets this timer. This only effects videos not viewed on a two-year, four-year cycle.



The scheduling of course recordings will be coordinated with Registrar’s Office and IT. While Panopto is running for course recording and streaming, other screen sharing and conferencing applications like Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom cannot run. Panopto will take preference of the microphone and webcam. Attempting to change these settings will cause technical difficulty for next instructor and the students of your current class session. IT, working with facilities, have designated an area on the floor of each classroom to mark the best location for the microphone to pick up instructor speech. We highly recommends staying within this 10 foot space so that you will be able to be heard on the recording.


The web cam mounted in each classroom is primarily for capturing the instructor in the room, while you can move the camera to attempt to capture the white board,  IT highly recommends using the SMART Board in the classroom to make digital notes using Word, SMART Notebook or the SMART Ink tools that auto pop up.  These writings will be captured for student viewing.


In the event you are unfamiliar with or have technical difficulty with using the SMART Board, please contact the IT helpdesk at 716-880-2282 for assistance.


Trainings will be available throughout the summer and semester to prepare faculty for using SMART Boards.


Panopto and a podium computer will be setup for duplicate display to make the screen recording function with the fewest complications. All instructors will need to keep the computer on duplicate display at all times. This will affect faculty who are used to using power point notes. Attempts to change this will only cause further complications for your students and instructors and students of other classes that run after your class. 


Panopto is not a video conferencing App. It is a lecture capture tool. Students who enter a live stream in their Bb course will be able to watch & listen in real-time. Students will be able to enter questions in a discussion thread. Faculty will have to open Panopto session from in Blackboard to see the discussion live in the classroom. This can be done by logging onto your Bb course, clicking on the Panopto link on the course menu and then on the link for the class recording session,once the class time begins.  This is not a requirement, but the only way to engage with students who are on live streaming and may have questions.  It is like monitoring the chat in a Blackboard Collaborate live classroom session.  Stop periodically to see if students have any questions.


Panopto has easy to access analytics for you, as the instructor to see who has logged in; how much time they have spent viewing the video;  who has posted on the discussion thread and asked/answered questions.


The Panopto lecture capture will only record on the podium computer. Faculty with class PPT or other presentations on their personal computers will need to move the presentations onto the designated classroom podium computer. IT is unable to setup scheduled lecture capture on Medaille or personal owned laptops.   


If you have any questions, contact IT helpdesk