Effective September 1, 2011, the following print policy will be in effect:
All undergraduate and graduate students at each campus will receive a $15 credit for each fall, spring, and summer semester as determined by the undergraduate college calendar.
The charge for printing will automatically be deducted from the student’s print account credit as follows:

· Single-sided, black ink only: $0.05 per page
· Double-sided, black ink only: $0.04 per side (i.e., $0.08 per page)
· Color: $0.25 per side

To access and renew your print balance your balance click on the link below while on campus. 

Students will be able to purchase credits if the $15.00 credit is exceeded during any semester.
No credits or purchased credits will roll over from one semester to another.

This new policy promotes the reduction of paper and toner use on both campuses.

For more information please read the Printing FAQ