Smartboards – Writing on the Board


  1. Writing on a Smartboard is as easy as picking up a pen and writing.
  2. Depending on which board you are using you will have different pens to choose from. (see pen trays for more information)
  3. Start Writing
    1. If you pick up a pen with a program loaded (example Internet Explorer) You will see an smart ink layer appear on the top. Your options can be changed by clicking on “Smart Ink” 
    2. Word/Excel/Powerpoint will use Microsoft Ink click on that option to enable smart ink or you might only draw in Black.
    3. If you have no programs loaded a Smart Note will appear.
  4.   To Change Smart Ink Options from the software click on the pen color or options you wish to use.
    1. To Erase, pick up the eraser from the pen tray, or choose clear ink to empty the screen.
    2. For More Advanced Options – See Smart Notebook Guide