Student Data Storage Policy

Student Data Storage Policy

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The Medaille College IT Department provides private, network data storage space for all current Medaille students.  Students logging on to an on-campus Medaille owned computer in a PC lab, classroom or other student computing area will access their private network storage space via an automatically redirected My Documents folder; this folder is also accessible via an automatically mapped ‘M: drive’.

All students should save their networked-stored data files only to their private My Documents/M: drive folder.  Data files should not be stored on a student’s Desktop.

Note: The Desktop folder is a special part of each student’s roaming profile that traverses the network upon each logon and logoff; adding data files to it can cause profile problems. The desktop folder should be relatively empty upon each logoff.

The student network storage space is NOT backed up. It is each student’s responsibility to back up any important data that resides in their My Documents/M: drive folder.

Due to storage space limitations the IT Department reserves the right to limit the amount of storage space each student uses.  Private ‘libraries’ of audio and/or video files are not allowed and such file types can be deleted by the IT Department without notice.  File types subject to deletion include but are not limited to: .mp3, .avi, .mov, .mpg/.mpeg, .scr, .exe, .iso, .msi, .bat and .cmd files.

The IT Department reserved the right to delete ALL user files after 60 days past a student’s graduation date.  This applies to graduates continuing in a graduate program.