Blackboard Ultra Navigation Update


Blackboard Landing Page

Bb Learn Current  Home Landing page

Ultra Navigation Home Course page

On the top is Blackboard Learn Naviagtion, current home landing page with system tabs along the top edge and information modules loaded in main window.

On the bottom is the new courses module, Bb Ultra Base Navigation will enter all users here. System tabs are relocated to left hand side. 


Ultra Base Navigation Brochure for Students

Ultra Base Navigation Brochure for Educators




Key Terms:

Blackboard Learn Navigation: Current LMS layout, tabs and module design.  

Backboard Ultra Base Navigation: Pages are designed as single scroll page & mobile friendly. We will be moving to Ultra Navigation May 2020 after grades are due.  

Blackboard Learn Original Course: Courses will continue to be deployed in Original layout for the next few semester, onine programs will migrate starting Fall 2020. All courses will be in Ultra Navigation Fall 2021

Blackboard Ultra Course: New design that is based on multi platform support.

Blackboard 2016 Theme: All courses will use 2016 theme based on responsive design. Users on multiple formates will have same experience for ADA compliance.