Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policies

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Information Technology (IT) Resources include the use of computers, networks, electronic communications, and electronic information sources. This electronic environment is essential to the Medaille community for teaching, research, and the administration of the College. Because the electronic environment is easily disrupted and subject to abuse, it is especially important that all members of the Medaille community respect the work and rights of others and adhere to this policy.

Ethical use of computing resources implies respect for the integrity of our IT resources and their intended usage, for the needs and privacy of other users, and for the data and information contained in our electronic systems. Computing staff and senior College administrators respect the privacy of your computer and your network accounts and abide by the policies outlined here in working with systems to which they have privileged access. Computing staff reserve the right, however, to view the contents of your electronic data. Any inspection of electronic files, and any action based upon such inspection will be governed by all applicable U.S. and New York laws and by College policies.

This policy applies to all users including faculty, students, staff, guests, and visitors using College IT resources. This policy applies equally to all systems owned by the College or to any system connecting to the College network. College IT resources may not be used in any manner prohibited by law or disallowed by licenses, contracts, or College policies. Individuals are accountable for their own actions and all activity involving College IT resources. Certain uses of information technology may constitute either abuse of College policies or violation of state or federal law. Students, faculty, staff and guests should be aware that prosecution may occur if the law is violated. Violators of College policies may lose access to College IT resources and may be referred to the appropriate College office as necessary.



Prohibited practices include, but are not limited to:


  1. Accessing or attempting to access information technology resources without authorization, or resources intended to be private, including eavesdropping on electronic communications
  2. Sharing your personal account passwords with anyone, or providing network access to individuals outside of the college community
  3. Transmitting or disseminating a virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful component
  4. Breaking into any information technology resources, or possessing tools designed to facilitate such break-ins
  5. Sending forged, threatening or harassing communications
  6. Transmitting unauthorized bulk communications (spam)
  7. Downloading, possessing or sharing copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder
  8. Using IT resources for commercial, for-profit, or other promotional activities unrelated to the mission of the College


There are a variety of other College policies and resources pertaining to the use of IT resources. Other prohibitions may exist in local or departmental computing labs and facilities. You are responsible for adhering to these policies. Please check directly with local authorities about their policies.


This document was prepared by the Medaille College's CIO office. Last Updated: August 2010
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Last updated on August 29, 2010