Word - Compress Images

For Office

  1. Click on a picture and go to the “Format" Ribbon under "Picture Tools"
  2. Next Click on Compress Pictures
  3. (Word 2007 only) Click on the Options Button
     will see the options below


  4. Select “E-mail” as the size for pictures.
    Also check the Checkboxes above to compress all pictures.
  5. Click OK

For Mac - Office

Please note that the instructions below are for Mac: Word/PowerPoint 2011. If you are using a different version of the software the steps to follow may be slightly different.

  1. Insert the images into your document as usual, and save the file.
  2. Click on any image in the document.
  3. Click on the ‘Format Picture’ tab that is highlighted in the toolbar below:

    Compress Pictures Menu

  4. Click the ‘Compress’ button, circled above.
  5. Select the options in the ‘Reduce File Size’ menu as follows:
    • Picture Quality: select ‘Best for sending in e-mail (96ppi)’
    • Tick box to ‘Remove cropped picture regions’.
    • Apply to: select ‘All pictures in this file’.

    Compress Pictures Menu

  6. Click OK.
  7. Resave the document now that it has been modified with the compressed images