About Medaille University Information Technology

About Medaille University Information Technology

Medaille IT 2022 MissionMedaille University IT Mission:

For Medaille University to remain competitive while providing quality programs and maintaining fiscal sustainability, it must invest in solutions for tomorrow while leveraging its existing technologies investments. It is critical for Information Technology to be included in any planning, development, and implementation to identify user and process problems and translate these into sustainable and scalable technology solutions.


Medaille University IT Vision:

The Medaille University Information Technology Department will demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations and reengineer work processes to ensure that the strategic objectives of the college can be supported and delivered using technology.


Medaille IT Core Values:

The Information Technology staff endeavors to deliver the best service possible to the Medaille University community. This includes but is not limited to the following commitments:

Reliability: We provide our services dependably, accurately, and thoroughly, while balancing the user’s need for accessibility against the overarching need for data security and privacy.

Respect: We treat colleagues, students, parents, alumni, vendors, and partners with mutual respect and understanding. We honor Medaille University’s academic integrity while actively working with others to shape our future. We provide timely, consistent, and accurate communications to Medaille University campus and online communities.

Community: We are committed to facilitating the use of technology and training in a collegial and collaborative atmosphere that fosters teamwork and cooperation among the Medaille University community.

Leadership: We are dedicated to delivering innovative and forward-thinking solutions. We strive to model strategic thinking, proactive leadership, and collaborative partnerships in support of Medaille University’s mission.

Stewardship: We are responsible stewards of the resources and information entrusted to our care.


IT Guiding Principles:

  • The following principles guide the pursuit of the Medaille IT strategy:
  • Technology will support and encourage learning, instruction, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Our systems will make their respective data available for other processes whenever it is possible, while respecting limits required for privacy, regulatory compliance, and IT security and accessibility.
  • We focus our talents on advancing the Medaille University mission.
  • Services will consist of all elements required for the adoption and best use of the service including training, support, appropriate funding, and accessibility.