Apporto Virtual Computer Labs at Medaille University

What is Apporto (Medaille’s  Virtual Computer Labs)?

  1. Provides faculty and students access to VIRTUAL applications stored in the Cloud.
  2. Since the applications are stored in the cloud, it is not on your local computer and can be accessed anytime from any device.
  3. Apporto provides a consistent experience no matter what hardware you are using.
  4. Apporto is helpful for doing homework and not having to come on-campus to use a lab or install the applications on your computer.
  5. Specialized software is available in Apporto e.g. SPSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Project, etc.
  6. You can access Apporto at


How do I access Medaille’s Virtual Computer Labs?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your Medaille username and password – the same one you use for your E-Mail, Medaille360, Blackboard
  4. You are now logged in and can access your VIRTUAL applications.


What applications are available in Medaille’s Virtual Computer Labs?

  1. Access 2019
  2. Adobe After effects 2020
  3. Adobe Audition 2020
  4. Adobe DreamWeaver 2020
  5. Adobe Illustrator 2020
  6. Abobe InDesign 2020
  7. Adobe Photoshop 2020
  8. Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
  9. Excel 2019
  10. Google Chrome
  11. Microsoft Edge
  12. Notepad ++
  13. OneNote 2019
  14. Powerpoint 2019
  15. Project 2019
  16. Publisher 2019
  17. SPSS Statistics v.27


How to Upload a File to the Medaille University Virtual Labs

You can upload a file from your local computer to certain directories on a Virtual desktop.

  1. Click File Upload in the top panel.  file upload icon
  2. The ‘File upload’ dialog box displays. The default directory is Desktop.
  3.  toolbar
    file upload window 
  4. Click Upload
  5. The file manager for your local computer will display.
  6. Locate and select the file you want to upload, then click Upload again to initiate the file transfer.
  7. The ‘FILE UPLOAD’ progress bar displays in the bottom right corner of the browser. This shows the progress of the file transfer from your local machine to the cloud PC.
    file upload progress
  8. When the upload is complete, click Close in the FILE UPLOAD progress dialog. The file will be available in the Desktop on the cloud PC.


How to download a file in Medaille University’s Virtual Labs

You can download a file from Medaille University’s Virtual Labs to your local computer.

  1. Click File Download in the top panel. file download icon
  2. The ‘File download’ dialog box displays. The default directory is Desktop
    file download window
  3. Select a file then click Download
  4. edit icon  Depending on your operating system and browser, the file download process starts and either downloads automatically to your designated download folder or prompts you to select a download location.
  5.  Follow any on-screen prompts to complete your download.


Adding OneDrive to Medaille University’s Virtual Labs

How to sign into OneDrive on Medaille University’s Virtual Lab

  1. Select Apporto Cloud Mounter
    Apporto Cloud Mounter icon
  2. Select OneDrive, check connect at login/startup and click Connect Now. And sign in using your Medaille email


How to Print from Medaille’s Virtual Computer Labs (Apporto)


It is not possible to print directly from Apporto. You can either save the file or follow the steps below to print the file to PDF and download it to your local computer or cloud drive for printing.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your Medaille username and password
  4. Select your virtual desktop
    virtual desktop
  5. Open your Application
    Excel window
  6. Select File > Print through the application menu.  Then select the Microsoft Print to PDF option.
    Print WIndow
  7. Enter a filename and click Save
    save print output as
  8. Download the printed PDF to your computer - See how to download a file in Medaille’s Virtual Computer Labs
  9. Print the PDF from your computer
    start a new One Drive connection
  10. You will then have access to your OneDrive via Windows Explorer as a mapped drive.
    mapped One Drive