Computing Policy

Computing Policy

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General Policy for Electronic Communications, Computers and Network Systems at Medaille University

For purposes of this policy statement, electronic communications include but are not limited to electronic mail, Internet services, voice mail, audio and video conferencing, chat rooms, and facsimile messages that are sent or received by faculty, staff, students and other authorized users of University resources.

Medaille University provides access to computers and network systems for all members of the Medaille community. By using Medaille University's facilities, an individual is acknowledging that he or she will abide by the broadest interpretation of this policy and all other computing policies.
All members of the Medaille community are to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and any other University policies.
Engaging in, or attempting to engage in, any of the following violates University policy. Violations include, but are not limited to, the following activities:



Hacking or Interference With Any Computer System:

  • Endangering or interfering with the operation of any computer system.
  • Unauthorized changing of hardware or software configurations on campus computers or networks.
  • Modifying, destroying or damaging hardware, software or data/databases for which you are not authorized.
  • Violating computer security systems.
  • Using unauthorized computer accounts access codes or identification codes.




  • Creating, participating in or intentionally promulgating any virus or other destructive or interfering files or commands.

Pirating/Theft of Software/Copyright Violations

  • Copying, downloading or otherwise making a duplication of any part of copyrighted software, beyond the license agreement.
  • Copying site-licensed software for use at locations not covered under the terms of the license agreement.



Improper Use of Computer Systems

  • Transmitting, retrieving or storing any communication of an unlawful, discriminatory or harassing nature, or any that are defamatory to any individual or group.
  • Using in an obscene, x-rated, defamatory or threatening manner.
  • Supporting a "for-profit" activity.
  • Soliciting or gambling.
  • Using institutional computer technology for the purposes of academic dishonesty.




The University will not monitor electronic communications as a routine matter.
The University will inspect the contents of electronic messages in the course of an investigation triggered by indications of misconduct, as needed to protect the health and safety, as needed to prevent interference with the academic mission of the institution, or as needed to locate substantive information required for University business that is not readily available by some other means.




Violators of this policy will be subject to the existing student or employee disciplinary procedures of Medaille University. Consequences may include the loss of computing privileges. Illegal acts involving Medaille University's computing resources may also subject users to prosecution by state and federal authorities.


Effective Date of Policy: December 1999
Revised: January 2001
Posted 2003-04