Connecting to the Medaille University Network remotely via Global Protect VPN

Connecting to the Medaille University Network remotely via Global Protect VPN

Purpose: This document will go over the procedure to connect to the Global Protect VPN which allows remote access to internal Medaille University resources. This document is for Windows computers only. Mac users should contact the Helpdesk for installation/instructions.



1.Only computers owned by Medaille University and on the Medaille University domain will be allowed to connect via VPN.

2. CrowdStrike must be installed on all connecting computers.

3. You must be enrolled in Duo for two-factor authentication.


If you are unable to meet the prerequisites but still need access, please email the Helpdesk with what you need access to, what device you need access from, and why you are unable to meet the prerequisites.

Part I. Global Protect Client Installation


1. All Medaille users that had access to the old AnyConnect VPN and were issued a laptop by Medaille should already have the client installed.

2. If you have issues following the directions in Part II of this document, please contact the Helpdesk to get the client installed on your device.


Part II. Connecting via Global Protect


1. In system tray of your Windows computer you should see an icon that looks like a grey ball.  Hovering over it will give you a message that says, “Not connected”. Click on this icon.

 VPN instructions screen shot 1

2. In the Global Protect Client app, click “Connect”

Global Connect Screen Shot

3. The Duo Authentication box will open, enter your shortname email address (ex. and click “Next”

Duo Authentication Screen

4. At the next box, enter your password and press “Log in”

Duo Password Screen

5. The next screen will wait while you verify your identity via PUSH to your Duo associated phone or tablet….

Verify Your Identity Through Duo

6. On your phone/ tablet click the approve button (user name has been obfuscated for documentation)

Click Approve for Verification Through Duo

7. Back on your computer you should see the success screen. This will go away automatically.

Success Screen

8. You can verify that you are connected by check the Global Protect icon in the system tray. It should be a different color and say, “Connected”

Verify Connection Through Global Protect Icon