Dorm Wireless Best Practices

Dorm Wireless Best Practices

wifiIn order to provide a certain level of performance, functionality, and security across both wired and wireless networks in the residence halls there are some dos and don’ts as well as some points that should be considered in order to be considerate to other network users.


  • Bring any of the following devices you want - laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles
  • Bring an ethernet cable (the Helpdesk can also provide one too)
  • Remember that the wired Ethernet port in your room will give you a more reliable connection than wireless networks.
  • If you want to bring a printer, make sure it plugs in through a USB cable directly to your computer.  Make sure to turn wireless off on your printers.  Even if not connected to the Wi-Fi your wireless adapter still broadcasts out onto the network.
  • Be efficient with your wireless internet use – Try to use one service at a time especially with gaming and streaming movies and video.
  • Restart your devices regularly – daily if possible.
  • Keep computers and devices up to date.
    • Keeping patches current helps ensure a clean and safe device.  Use Windows Update service on windows-based machines and Mac system updates on Apple computers and devices.
    • Use an antivirus product.  Medaille provides Symantec Endpoint Protection software for current students.  If you do decide to use our Antivirus software make sure you remove all other antivirus software from your computer or else you will run into conflicts.
  • You can find Medaille’s Symantec Endpoint Protection software here:  Software | IT Department (
  • Contact the Helpdesk if you need to change the NAT level of your gaming console (a wired connection will be required)


  • Make sure you connect to the correct Wi-Fi network
    • Medaille-WIFI for ALL internet devices that allow a username and password for authentication.
    • Medaille-Streaming for ALL devices that DO NOT allow you to put in a username and password to connect.
    • Medaille-Guest – This should never be used by students.  This has the lowest quality of service for Wi-Fi.
  • ** Remember we always recommend using the wired port in your room for best results when you can. **




  • Don’t use a router or other device that performs NAT or DHCP on your network jack. Network access will be removed when they are plugged in.
  • Don’t run your own wireless network (including personal hotspots). This interferes with the Medaille College wireless system and degrades performance for other users.
  • Don’t use wireless printers. It is not possible to print to a printer that is on the wireless. Disable any wireless adapter that may be in the printer.
  • Don’t use peer-to-peer software (torrents). Most of them will not work, however, if one does work network access will be removed when it is spotted.
  • When using learning and classroom applications like Blackboard Collaborate and Panopto make sure that you are not downloading files, gaming, or watching Netflix at the same time for best results.


Dorm Wireless Best Practices PDF


Contact the IT Helpdesk when all else fails.

We can be reached at x2282 Option 1, 880-2282 Option 1, or  For wireless issues we are available in person M-F from 7:30am to 7pm.