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Panopto is video management software for Medaille Campus, this includes scheduled lecture capture, video hosting and assessment. Panopto is accessible to all users through Blackboard login.

You can access the campus Panopto portal here

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Lecture Capture must be requested by completing this request form Here

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Panopto Recording Tips and Tricks:

How to Make Basic Timeline Cuts in Your Panopto Video:

Adding & Editing Captions in Your Panopto Videos:

Help Documents for use in classroom:

Microphone Guide

Panopto Recorder on Podium PC guide

Panopto Live Stream Key Area's

To watch your stream for remote student participation in discussion and questions go here

To record video in Panopto watch this video

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture (Beta)

Learn About the Features of the Video Viewer

Learn About the Video Editor

How to Edit a Video

How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video

How to Embed a YouTube Video into a Panopto Video

How to Trim a Video in the Editor

How to Add and Edit Slides in the Editor

Learn About Folder and Session Level Statistics

How to Share a Video

How to Create a Video Assignment in Blackboard

How to Add a Quiz to a Video

How to Copy and Move Sessions


Students:  Creating Recordings and Submitting Assignment Panopto Videos (in Bb Original)


Students:  Creating Recordings and Submitting Assignment Panopto Videos (in Bb Ultra)

For Additional Support Videos Visit the Panopto Website

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