PaperCut Printing

PaperCut Printing

How to use Papercut

Authenticating and Releasing Print Job(s)


Papercut login screenshot

  1. Type in your unique 8-digit pin code or login with network credentials.  Your 8-digit pin code is your 8-digit Medaille ID number found on your ID card or at the top of the page on the Medaille360 website.
  2. Choose Print Release. Check the box next to print job you’d like to release
  3. Press Print

Note: Print job is held in queue until you choose to release it. Select job and choose print icon or choose print  all. Print jobs will be held for 3 days  in queue

Accessing Device - Copy & Scan

  1. Choose access device to make copies
  2. Choose scan to scan to Email/Cloud Storage

Papercut options: Print Release, Access Device, Scan


Logging Out of PaperCut

PaperCut log-in screen

Simply select the button pointed out by the arrow on the left for quick logout at the interface of the Toshiba.