Student Wireless Connection

Student Wireless Connection



Part I. Device Setup

  1. Attempt to connect to Medaille-WiFi SSID
  2. Log in with Medaille360 username (ex. abc123) and password.
    1. You can prepend “medaille\” in front of the username (medaille\abc123 or abc123 should both work for the username).
  3. If you are asked for an authentication type, select “PEAP”.
  4. If you are asked to trust the certificate, trust it.


Part II. Example

Here is an example of a user, azuretest16, connecting her Windows 10 laptop to Medaille-WiFi. Other operating systems will vary in their process

  1. Click on the Internet Access button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen|
    INternet Access Button
  2. Click on the Medaille-WiFi SSID
    Medaille-WiFi SSID
  3. Select the “Connect Automatically” option and click “Connect”
    Select the “Connect Automatically” option and click “Connect”
  4. On the certificate check page, click the “Connect” button. If you want to check the certificate, the SHA fingerprint is 781a735ad5520850d94ad816c415f7fd3ff91608
    certificate check page
  5. At the login prompt enter your Medaille360 credentials, then click “OK”
    login prompt
  6. At the second certificate confirmation page, click “Connect”
    second certificate confirmation page
  7. You should now be connected. You can verify which VLAN you are on by comparing your IP address to the ones listed above.